About Us

Our Mission

The Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council, youth affiliate of the Jamaica Climate Change Advisory Board, aims to raise awareness about climate change and its effects among young Jamaicans aged 15-35 years old.

We encourage young people to be more concerned about climate change, and empower them to participate in environmental protection and resilience initiatives in their own spaces. We aim to help address the current climate emergency by engaging stakeholders, and providing solutions most appropriate for our small island. 

Our focus is on Awareness, Advocacy  and Impact

Our Vision : EARTH

  1. To Empower young people to participate in climate change and environmental protection initiatives
  2. To raise Awareness about Climate Change and its effects on our small island
  3. To Recommend solutions to address the climate emergency affecting our country
  4. To Teach people how to create a more sustainable daily routine
  5. To Help build Jamaica’s climate resilience and sustainability


The committee is made up of four subcommittees, and we encourage you to join as many as you’d like:

  • Project Planning
  • Research & Policy Development
  • Outreach & Recruitment
  • PR & Communications

Get involved! Join us as we build a sustainable future together!

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