The Time is Now

The biggest threat to humanity may be Climate Change. But the biggest threat to the earth survival and the major donors to climate change is humanity. Yes, you are reading correctly. No need to adjust your computer or phone screens, no need to ask someone to read this for you. In fact, do adjust your screens, do show this to your friends and relatives and have them read it. Lets see if we feel any guilt after this is done.

Yes, my fellow humans; we are the major contributors to our own demise. You see “Mother nature”; yeah “her” – she is not happy right now and she is making it known.

Across the globe the reality has finally struck and many scientist and environmentalist thinks that it will only get worst if we don’t act fast. And yet, so many just don’t see whats happening right in front of them.

We realized the days are hotter, the nights are warmer and polar ice caps are melting. 69% of all the water in the world is in the form of ice stored in places like Greenland and Antarctica and yes its melting. “So what?”;  you may say. let us tell you why you should be worried;

  1. Once the ice caps melt, then the water level of the world’s seas and oceans will have risen. This can cause major flooding for most countries already on or below sea level.
  2. Countries could be “swallowed” up by the rising waters and be wiped clean off the face of the earth.
  3. Melting of the Polar Ice caps is also fuels the rate of  global warming.

The “super storms” that we all keep hearing about is a result of climate change. The frequent an stronger than usual earthquakes…yep you guessed it, Climate Change.

this land was made for you and me, lets protect it. Its all we have.

its not so hard, to play our part in reducing the effects, if each person does one task towards change then imagine how much impact that could have. “This land is our land…this land was made for you and me”. Its our home, its our livelihood, this is what sustains our life. lets protect it.



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