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The Carbon Neutral Initiative: An Invention By A Young Inventor

The Carbon Neutral Initiative is a Jamaican-born company found in an attempt to battle against Global Environmental and Third World Economic Issues. The main aim of this venture is to develop technologies and create solutions that target critical issues such as Global Greenhouse emissions by the transportation sector as well as Energy security and Soil Degradation. One of the most valuable projects stems from a Carbon Attack Attract which is a biodegradble carbon capture filter that targets transportation emissions that accounts for over 28 percent of carbon emissions in 2018, 29 percent in 2019, and continues to rapidly increase. 

After this filter is used up it is biodegradable and as such can be used in the soil as liming agent for acidic soil or added to organic fertilizers. It is the company’s aim to revolutionize how captured carbon is used by simply implementing waste as a resource concept so it can be recycled or reused. 

Founder and CEO of Carbon Neutral Jamaica Damani Thomas

“We are the generation that must deal with climate change,” said Damani Thomas who is the budding inventor behind this initiative. He added that “ as CEO, I strive to make the Carbon Neutral Initiative the face of social and environmental action and find that plane of sustainable development where both man and nature can coexist and teach others that we are not separate from nature.” he also mentioned that “We also aim to be socially responsible by helping sustainably develop third world countries such as Jamaica and the Caribbean to be more self-sufficient in hopes of creating a better world and paving the way for even more innovative and eco-friendly technologies.” 

What the project targets?

The Carbon Attack Attract Carbon Capture Filter targets a market that is virtually unexplored yet has such great influence and contribution to annual greenhouse gas emission levels. Each car contributes about 2-4 tons of carbon annually but through this accumulated contribution the transport sector generated 8 billion tons and keeps growing each year. The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse emissions. However, with this innovation, the numbers could be drastically reduced through accumulated effort.  After use, the waste product can be reused in other ways, such as adding it to agricultural fertilizer or replenishing acidic soil. Another major environmental problem threatening food security in many countries is soil erosion.

When asked how did this idea come about Damani noted that he saw the need for it for a number of reasons such as the issue of air pollution. “I myself is an asthmatic person and I know of a lot of people that have been triggered by exhaust resulting in an eruption of respiratory complications, the raise in microclimate temperatures for places that were usually colder, the smog issue in China.” he added that “it was impractical to think to just replace all the internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles as opposed to mitigating these emission levels taking advantage of a whole new market of carbon capture and finally, my quest to develop myself, my country and help my planet because there is only one earth and we are the only ones that can save ourselves because nobody else will.”

The Aim of The Project

In the early stages of this innovation, the aim was to resolve three issues. Fixing the earth as we need it because climate change is everyone’s challenge, repairing the country to be sustainable, breaking into first-world economic freedom, and making it productive because money moves stuff. Carbon Neutral was born from these three self-inflicting commands and continues to evolve larger growth aspirations. This apparatus’s specific value proposition is that it is lightweight, very cheap to make, user friendly, environmentally friendly, reliable, competitive, sustainably applies the Waste as a Resource principle, and finally, it is readily available to go on any vehicle without substantial modifications.

This project was created for the sole purpose of assisting the global clean air act by providing near-neutral carbon control for clean air programs, combating global warming and air pollution caused by the transportation sector, and assisting the agriculture industry.

“From conception to now we have achieved a lot in personal growth and participated in many projects and gained many reliable allies such as with The Jamaica Climate Chang Youth Council, The British Council Race to Zero Climate Innovation Project, Democratizing Innovation in the America’s, The Caribbean Climate Innovation Center and Global Environments Network. 

In closing, he said Damani said that “the support and experience have been propelled us light years and that the Carbon Neutral Initiative is infinitely grateful and are expecting to do great things for this world.”

Damani Thomas is an Environmental Scientist, Inventor and upcoming Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Neutral Jamaica and leads the development and creation of various revolutionary and sustainable eco-friendly innovations.

He leads all plans in product design and future development, engineering and manufacturing.

He is preparing to launch this company that focuses on aiding our combat against social, economical and environmental factors that are a great issues in our society today.

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