International Coastal Cleanup – “A fi wi yawd come mek wi keep it clean nuh”

Join the Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council team along with other partners at the Jamaica Environment Trust's - International Coastal Clean up day. With only $1,500jmd you can be apart of this exciting event. Donation covers;  transportation, water, t-shirts and light refreshment. Come out and lend a hand in keeping Jamaica clean. "di beauty a… Continue reading International Coastal Cleanup – “A fi wi yawd come mek wi keep it clean nuh”


My Footprint – How I affect Climate Change.


So, you realize the days are getting so much hotter? Drought is the talk of the town? Less rainfalls overtime? well my friends welcome to Climate Change.  And its changing for the worst.

As habitants of this great place [earth], we have a responsibility to protect it, keep it clean and perform continuous maintenance. Think about your cars, your homes…you will spend hours cleaning and checking and ensuring all is well so why not extend such attitude towards protecting and keeping the one home that we have clean and life sustainable.

What are we Doing wrong?

  • Cutting down the trees – Trees are our friends ladies and gentlemen. Not only do they beautify the place (which might I add is not their main purpose), they actually filter the air and offer to us the air that we need to breath and live. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and offers up oxygen in…

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Desertification and You.

This day; June 17th was proclaimed "The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought" by the United Nations General Assembly on January 30, 1995.  Its purpose is to highlight and find preventative measures to combat desertification and ways to recover from a drought. Each year there is a different theme and this years its; "Land… Continue reading Desertification and You.